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I care.

I care about his world! I care about all sorts of crap. I care about animals, the environment, poverty, disease, education, human rights, health, mental health and societal health.

If you don’t care about this life and the things in it; if you’re selfish and don’t give a fuck then I don’t want you around me! Fuck off! I will do my very best to make sure that in the very near future you and I never have to be in the same god damn room together.

Thanks for showing me what I DON’T want to be. Thanks for being a redneck and proud of it. Thanks for not finishing school and not caring to. Thank you so much for your half of my genes that have contributed to my depression (which thankfully I was smart enough to get treatment for unlike you) Thank you for always saying you had to work on the holidays when I was young, when you were really out drinking with your buddies.

Thank you for making me realize that wasting my days caring for the health of someone I don’t respect will never happen again. Family and blood mean nothing if they don’t carry certain qualities. Respect, truth, compassion and love is where family is at whether you’re blood related or not.

Thank you for not giving a damn because it has taught me that I do.